Siemens MakerSpace Program was created to find and support early-stage social entrepreneurs. The aim was to find people with innovative and audacious ideas/ businesses and have the capacity to turn them into thriving social enterprises.

By way of demonstrating our support for Social Entrepreneurs , Impact Hub , partnered with Mzansi Creative Foundation who is the lead implementer on the MakerSpace Project. Mzansi Creative Foundation is a graduate of our Impact Inspired incubation program from 2017. Mzansi Creative Foundation focuses on creating MakerSpaces in communities that are otherwise marginalised. When we decided to create an Impact Hub MakerSpace, Mzansi Creative was a natural fit and this opportunity has allowed the venture to pilot and test their offering.

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Lufuno Muthubi & Nizenande Machi

MakerSpace Programme Managers