Mandela Day, Empowerment and South African Education
18 July 2019 - johannesburg

The challenge for each one of you is to take up these ideals of tolerance and respect for others and put them to practical use in your schools, your communities and throughout your lives...

Nelson Mandela

Making South African education inclusive, empowering and available to all South Africans is a tremendous part of the legacy of President Nelson Mandela.  

As we celebrate Mandela Day, we want to share with our local Joburg entrepreneurs, and social innovators across Southern Africa and beyond, how it is that our team here at Impact Hub Joburg is working to realise President Mandela’s dream of fair and inclusive, high-quality,  education. We hope that the programmes we have planned for this month would have made worthy birthday gifts for President Mandela on this day, which would have been the day of his 101 birthday. 

As many of you have seen across our social media platforms, the primary theme of our work this year is Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education. We officially launched the 2019 Impact Launchpad programme on July 15th to work towards supporting South African education innovators through a social entrepreneurship development curriculum just for them! We’ve teamed up with Simanye Consulting, Karani Leadership and Africa International Advisors to make sure we bring forth outstanding results for our education-focused social entrepreneurs who are part of the Launchpad programme.

Simanye is a consulting firm with an impact investing focus, and they are funding the programme’s realization. Karani Leadership is a consultancy firm that works to empower the next generation of South African leaders. African International Advisors is sending mentors to our programme and has also provided our members with an online strategy tool. Together, we’re supporting entrepreneurs working create improvements and innovations that will move South African education forward. 

Today, Driven Entrepreneurs is hosting a Mandela Day event for Xpose, their very own youth education and empowerment programme. Xpose supports youth in harnessing their innate skills and abilities—resilience, imagination, ambition, creativity, that hustle factor—to change the trajectory of their lives and communities. We’re sponsoring today’s event for Xpose youth to spend this day with Alumni from the programme.

The Social Enterprise Academy has been hosting training here since the 16th of July and their programme, Accelerating Creative Social Entrepreneurs,  is running until the 20th. The programme was designed to support creative social enterprises that are at the ideation and growth stages to build or enhance their business models and bring social impact to the forefront of their work. Scheduled two full days a month, the programme includes practical workshops and is supported with coaching and mentoring from international and local creative social enterprise experts and industry veterans.

This Friday, we have The Hub Imbizo with Laduma Ngxokolo happening at 5:30pm. Get your tickets here. We’ll hear how and why he started on this path, what it’s like to share and empower South African culture, and what the journey has been like to start and run a now internationally-acclaimed social enterprise, Maxhosa Africa by Laduma, a Xhosa-inspired knitwear band. Through his work, Laduma is an agent of change, shifting and evolving with the changing times and further engaging in the dialogue that keeps pushing traditional culture toward the future.

On July 20th, Future Azania will host a STEM Hackathon in partnership with Accenture and Impact Hub Joburg. Learners will be guided through a process of visualizing data across the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEAM) curriculum in a practical manner.  

On August 1st, the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship will be here with us hosting their “Shifting the System” event.  Are you tired of hearing negative news about the state of the world and the country? Come join us for an inspirational evening hearing from South Africans working to change our educational, health, financial, and agriculture systems for the better. Bring your own experiences and challenges to share while we work together to create solutions that will help shift the system. RSVP here. Shifting the System  brings together alumni from the Bertha Centre Systems Change and Social Impact course, Impact Investing Executive Education courses and Bertha Scholars who are applying different knowledge sets to shift systems in areas such as education, health, finance, and more.We invite you to discuss new approaches to problem-solving, explore practical interventions for developing a future-ready system, share insights and take part in this collaborative and interactive session.

Together, we’re bringing real social and environmental impact beyond financial return into mainstream South African education. Join us.

As we work towards greater financial inclusivity, greater access to education through innovative entrepreneurial solutions, let us remember the shared struggles, challenges and journeys of people across the world. We can all do our part to honour President Mandela’s legacy through the solutions we create.  On this day, President Mandela’s birthday, let us remember that our challenges can actually become opportunities that bring us together. 

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