We’re Making Networking Sexy on Fridays
2 September 2018 - johannesburg
Impact Hub has a long tradition of #sexysalad and #sexysoup, and our Hub in Joburg carries on the global networking tradition in style. Never heard of it before? Here’s the down-low:

What is #sexysalad?

#sexysalad (and its winter partner, #sexysoup) is a bi-weekly event which we generally hold on Fridays at lunch that’s designed to get our community to come together and share a meal that everyone participates in creating! We’ll provide the basics (either soup or salad and bread), and you come with an ingredient or home-made extras.

What do we do during #sexysalad?

Basically, the event is to get everyone up and away from their work for a bit to co-mingle and catch up. It helps our community build closer bonds, network, and unwind together via a shared experience…and you get to eat some amazing food!

I’m sold! What should I bring?

Whatever you like! Bring a special salad topping, cheese, fresh cut fruit, tarts or quiches…and no one ever says no to a dessert!

Can Anyone Join?

Right now it’s just one of the many perks of being an Impact Hub Member and another reason to join! Interested in grabbing an Impact Hub Membership? Email us!

Where does it take place?

At our HQ in Rosebank. Find us in our communal kitchen on the 4th floor, East Wing of 158 Jan Smuts Building, 9 Walters Street, Rosebank.

Any tips on how to #sexysalad like a pro?

Just be pro-active! Try talking to someone you’ve never talked to before and begin to expand your social circle using our fun networking event. If it’s your first time, let the host know and get ready to get intro’d to the crowd. Also, and most importantly, don’t feel you need mad cooking skills to participate…all you need is your imagination!

When’s the next one?

We do #sexysald and #sexysoup bi-weekly on Friday afternoons around lunchtime. If you’re down for the next one, and want to make sure you’ve got the right date, simply email Johannesburg.hosts@impacthubjoburg.net and we’ll let you know about the next sexy meeting!