Impact Launchpad Spotlight: Form Consulting
10 October 2018 - johannesburg
2018 saw the second cohort of our Impact Launchpad, an accelerator designed for early stage social enterprises. This year’s participants came from the health, wellness and fitness sectors and all of the particicants came together to hack ideas, learn business processes, and pitch their social enterprises to a live audience. We’re shining a spotlight on our participants! Here’s Nabeela Laher and Form Consulting.

What is your business?

Form Development Consulting is a social innovation consultancy that aims to reshape social development around disabled people. We offer consulting services to organizations and projects around their work with disability where we assist them to develop more impactful approaches to interventions, and measure meaningful impact from their work. In addition to this, we have a social development arm, called Rehab For All, which aims to influence the broader ecosystem towards development and innovation around this population.

What inspired you to create your social enterprise?

I have worked for many years as a specifically-trained physiotherapist for children with disabilities, and during this time I have experienced first hand the development potential that exists in the sector. At the same time, I have also been witness to the vast discrepancies in the access to and quality of supportive rehabilitation services, like physiotherapy, that disabled people have between the public and private sectors. I believe that there is a lot of potential for change now especially using new developments in technology which now mean that people can connect, support each other and transmit ideas as never before. I wish to be part of catalyzing this change.


What did you get out of your Launchpad experience?

Firstly, the Launchpad helped me translate my idea into a concrete business models. I had the opportunity to clarify my vision and support it through on the ground design-thinking research. It really challenged my notions of sustainability and helped me to arrive at my current business model, which is active in some ways already, as I have a website and am building a presence on 3 other platforms. Most importantly though, it was the people – from the great facilitators and mentors, to the other participants in the group who provided support and motivation, that made it a profoundly influencing experience.


Do you have future plans for your enterprise?

My next step is to take this concept to market, into the Client Acquisition stage, and then use my experiences there to further refine this model. My vision for the social platform, Rehab For All, is that one day it will be an independent social enterprise that will continue to raise standards for people with disabilities and that Form Development Consulting will continue to play a role in it.


What does impact mean to you?

For me Impact is systemic change, that continues to grow and develop on its own and independently of you,  after you have catalyzed it.


What big takeaways did you get from the programme?

A big part of the programme was learning to do an effective elevator pitch, and we had many opportunities to practice this with world-class facilitators. Financial management and thinking more broadly about technology, like blockchain, was also a key takeaway for me.


What advice do you have for next years cohorts?

It is really worth investing time in this programme, though be prepared to be challenged on all notions. It is a process that will leave you stronger in your ideas but at the same time, make you adaptable, as an entrepreneur needs to be in these times.

Visit Form Consulting online here.


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