Impact Launchpad Spotlight: Bantu Urban Fitness Fanatics
29 October 2018 - johannesburg
We’re shining a spotlight on our 2018 Impact Launchpad participants! Each social enterprise in this year’s cohort was from the health and wellness or fitness industry. Here’s Zinhle Phakhi of Bantu Urban Fitness Fanatics discussing her enterprise, and the next steps for BUFF:

Who we are

Bantu Urban Fitness Fanatics (BUFF) is a health and wellness company that has been providing services since 2016. BUFF is a level 1 100% black female owned company. We are passionate about changing the negative narrative of health among Bantu people. As an organisation we firmly believe that South Africans can become a fit and healthy nation.

At Bantu Urban Fitness Fanatics, we ultimately envisage a world where people are educated and empowered on how to take care of their health and wellness.  By changing the mind-sets of South Africans, and increasing awareness of health and wellness, people are enabled to participate and engage in activities that increase or maintain their health and wellness.

Our trademark offering is our BUFF FUN HIKE which encourages participants to appreciate nature and participate in a positive outdoor activity with family and friends.

What inspired me

I’ve always had a passion for leading a healthy balanced life but I also acknowledged that in my youth I didn’t always have the knowledge, support or opportunities to enable me to make positive lifestyle choices. Which is why I created BUFF. It’s a health and wellness company that wants to educate and expose young and old people to healthy living in a very practical and non-invasive manner. BUFF wants to cultivate an appreciation for nature and how society can contribute to conservation of it. We also want to increase student and graduate employment for those with qualifications in sport, botany, zoology and geology.

What did I get from the lauchpad experience?

This experience gave me insight on what it takes to run a successful business. It also highlighted gaps and areas that were lacking in my business. But most importantly it revealed traits and truth within myself that I didn’t know existed.

Do You have future plans?

Yes, I have many plans for my business. I am currently trying to refines our current offering and prepare the business for 2019 activities.

What does impact mean

For me it means change!

Big takeaways?

Don’t assume you know your clients pain point and how they want them to be addressed. And know your numbers, because they will save your life.

Advice for next year

Come with a mindset to really allow yourself to be stretch and absorb.

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