Our Impact Hub Joburg Community Is Built for Networking!
28 January 2019 - johannesburg

Sometimes one of the hardest parts about being an entrepreneur, and especially one working in the impact and sustainability space, is networking to grow your reach.  Attending after-work cocktail parties or events can be exhausting and awkward (for some more than others), and many of us get so focused on building out our product or service, we forget the importance of having a large network of like-minded individuals to being a successful entrepreneur.

Think about it: having a network of individuals that share your industry means that chances are that at some point someone has come across the same hurdle as you and may have an answer to a current problem you’re facing. They may also clue you into new funding opportunities, programmes, or conferences that will help you grow your base knowledge or gather funding for your venture.  Even better, they may become allies and partners as you grow!

Here’s the good news: Impact Hub Joburg is made for networking, and it’s easy to build growing your network into your day via fun events that don’t feel like work functions.

No stress casual encounters

Our monthly Sexy Salads (or, in the winter, Sexy Soup) are designed for the greater community to come together over lunch. Everyone brings something to share, we provide the salad or soup, and and we all gather in the communal Sky Parlour to catch up. If you’re new to the Sexy Salad experience, simply let our host know, and prepare to get intro’d to a room full of colleagues, one at a time, to take the awkwardness out of first encounters.

The legendary FuckUp Nights are also great (semi-monthly) events our members love! There’s networking interwoven throughout the night, and, more importantly, you’ll get the chance to hear amazing stories of entrepreneurial “fuckups” that illustrate that failure is part of an entrepreneur’s life, and that, yes, you can bounce back from it!

We hold events often, from workshops to lectures to open houses, and always have something cooking.  Check out MeetUp and Facebook pages often for the latest upcoming events.

Networking for one-on-one connections

Even the office set-up is geared towards helping our members meet up and connect with the social entrepreneurship community in Johannesburg with lots of open spaces. However, we know you are busy and some of you may be totally new to our ecosystem.  For this reason, we invite all members to talk to the Community Coordinator, Zinhle, about their networking, information, and connections needs and she will do her best to connect you directly. This may mean first connecting to one of our Co-Founders who are all very well connected in impact, tech, and innovation, and entrepreneurship, and who have contacts in corporates, government, IO’s and beyond.  Whomever you want to meet, once you are a member, we will do our best to connect you to at least one key individual a month at your request making networking that much easier. Conversely, once we know more about you we will actively connect you to others where we feel there may be mutual benefit. Our space is all about community!

You can go global from your laptop

If you’re looking for global reach, we’re also the place to be! Impact Hub Joburg is plugged into 100+ other hubs throughout the globe. If you travel, you can even use your membership to work from an Impact Hub in the city you’re visiting. But you don’t have to leave Johannesburg to network our global connections. Certain membership tiers gain you digital access to the global community, so if you need an expert from a different market, you can reach out and easily connect to share, learn, collaborate, and grow as a social entrepreneur.

Come be a part of our growing community! Find out about our membership options and come visit us soon for a tour of the facilities and a free day at Impact Hub Joburg on us. If you’re ready to dive in an attend an event, join our mailing list to make sure you’re the first to know about up and coming workshops, lectures, and more. Follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedin and Instagram and always be in the loop with all things happening at Impact Hub Joburg.