Entrepreneurs Share Failure at FuckUp Nights
12 October 2018 - johannesburg

One of Impact Hub Joburg member’s favourite events is FuckUp Nights, and we try to hold one every month!

The first FuckUp Night happened in Mexico City is September 2012. Since then we gather every month to listen to stories about failure. The event is a meetup of entrepreneurs, former entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs at heart. We listen to two entrepreneurs share their stories of business/project failures and learnings, each lasting 10:00 minutes.

FuckUp Nights are held in over 304 cities across 80 countries worldwide, including right here in Johannesburg.

Here’s a quick explainer video:

We as entrepreneurs ourselves think it’s really important to not only experience failure but learn from it. The only problem is, especially in today’s social media driven society, we only hear about the positive moments most of the time, making many entrepreneurs feel alone when facing failure.

In fact, the opposite is true! No one has gotten anywhere without falling down a few times – and it’s in the fall, and the act of picking ourselves back up, where the greatest lessons are.

Which is why we love FuckUp Nights so much! It’s a great opportunity to network with like-minded peers, and to get close to those who’ve “made it” and to witness that even the best and brightest have their stories of when they utterly failed. Not only do entrepreneurs see they aren’t alone, but they can also learn from others mistakes so maybe they can avoid hitting the same stumbling blocks on their way to success.

If you’ve never been, come join our next FuckUp night! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram where upcoming dates are first announced, and come mix and mingle at a pretty cool event that shows you it’s okay to Fuck Up, so long as you learn something along the way!

Want to hold your own FuckUp Night in your city? Find out how here: https://fuckupnights.com/


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