Emzingo: A four year milestone

by The Followthrough


Our impact maker of the month is Emzingo, a leadership and personal development company that aims to transform people’s lives, bridge the gap between business and society, and equip individuals with new skills to tackle global challenges.

Started in 2010 in Madrid, Spain, by three Masters of Business Administration students who came from totally different back grounds, Emzingo is built on “the need for more responsible leadership in the business sector, and at the same time, the need for business type thinking within the social sector to solve some of the challenges they were facing,” says Chris Maclean, the Emzingo country director for South Africa.

It runs a range of programs and projects across the Academic, corporate and advisory space. These are meant to “bring together young business leaders, social sector change makers and organisations,” says Chris. It acts by, on the academic side, bringing MBA students as fellows to provide consulting work. On the business end, the company brings business leaders to contribute to their pool of consultants in the corporate and advisory areas. The company also works with a variety of field partners that range from small community based organisations to global non-governmental organisations.

At the moment, Emzingo has assisted 43 non-profit organisations, social enterprises and community based organisations, managed 79 social projects and delivered 24000 hours of consulting work.

The company recently celebrated its fourth birthday on the 18 of February 2014. It has grown from just three MBAs to an organisation that boasts of many partners and fellows. Emzingo is present in Brazil, Peru and South Africa. Speaking of their recent birthday, Chris says “Emzingo is a start-up, so after four years of going through the ups and downs of business, I think we can conquer anything now.” In the future, Emzingo aims to get more South Africans involved in all its programs and send them on projects to areas such as Brazil and Peru.

From Impact Hub Johannesburg, our members, partners, and stakeholders, congratulations to Emzingo on achieving a four year milestone! We wish you a bright and prosperous future.

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