Cynthia Zulu

Cynthia Nothando Zulu is born and raised in Tembisa, she is proud to be the first person in her¬†family to finish school. In 2013 she did office administration at Rosebank College because she just loved working in an office but didn’t finish due to financial hardships, through all that she never gave up. She was so lucky to get a leanership in 2016, there she learned a lot: Sales, Preferential Procurement, Data Capturing and Learnerships Department(Administration).

Cynthia is someone who has high expectations for her results, very confident in her ability to produce, someone who wants to be judged on individual performance, she is determined to do well in her job and have a successful career.
She believes you should use every opportunity to showcase your skills, even if it means you have to clean trains. Have your qualifications, just do it!!!!!